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FoodLogiQ Strengthens Reputation as Blockchain Pioneer

“Blockchain is new territory for many organizations, and they want solid guidance and best practices on how to navigate this fast-growing technology,” says Jamie Duke, FoodLogiQ CEO.  “We’re here to give it to them.”

FoodLogiQ, the leading SaaS provider of traceability, food safety and supply chain transparency solutions, today announced it will present at Blockchain East Summit + Trade Show in New York City on October 10, 2018, alongside multinational, protein-focused food company Tyson Foods and biotechnology authority AgBiome Innovations.  Together, the companies will serve on a panel discussion addressing the topic of blockchain and how it is being used in the food and beverage supply chain.

“FoodLogiQ is very pleased to be partnering on this panel with Tyson and AgBiome, which are two of the participants in our recently-announced blockchain pilot through FoodLogiQ Labs,” says Katy Jones, FoodLogiQ’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. “During the presentation, we’re going to delve into some important aspects of blockchain, including the required foundations for blockchain traceability, as well as interoperability and why it is critical to blockchain within the food industry.”

According to Jones, those required foundations, or standards, that make it possible to implement blockchain include basic supply chain visibility business processes. That means implementing GS1 Standards, which enable everyone to work with the same set of data in the same format.  Every stakeholder throughout a supply chain who is using these standards has access to information that is the one single source of truth.  And since not all companies are going to select the same technology partner to implement blockchain, standards are the invaluable common denominator that can streamline the transmission of detailed product data on a blockchain.

“In layman’s terms, we’re all speaking the same language, and that’s a crucial first step that can set a company up to maximize blockchain’s power in the future,” says Charles Irizarry, Chief Technology Officer at FoodLogiQ.  “Then there’s the interoperability factor, which is the efficient and effective exchange of data, based on standards that are flexible enough to capture, store and share data as needs arise.  That interoperability makes it possible for one blockchain to collaborate with other blockchains, which is the end goal.”

More Blockchain Discussion in November

FoodLogiQ’s Irizarry and Jones will continue to evangelize about blockchain when they take the stage on November 8, 2018, during the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) Restaurant Innovation Summit in Dallas, TX.  The two will be joined by Lucelena Angarita, Director of Supply Chain Traceability at Subway®/Independent Purchasing Cooperative, and Kevin Otto, Senior Director, Industry Engagement-Foodservice at GS1 US, whose respective organizations are both participants in FoodLogiQ’s blockchain pilot.  The foursome will share a comprehensive explanation of blockchain technology, focusing on the transparency blockchain offers, as well as opportunities for restaurant operators to put it to work in their own supply chain.

Worldwide interest in blockchain has brought to the forefront the need for companies to automate their recordkeeping and traceability systems and eliminate the manual, often paper-based processes that slow down traceability, says Jamie Duke, FoodLogiQ CEO.

“Blockchain will enable companies to tell the granular story of a product’s journey with a high degree of certainty and validity,” Duke explains.  “Historically, that’s been the missing link in the traditional supply chain. But that’s all about to change. Blockchain is new territory for many organizations, and they want solid guidance and best practices on how to navigate this fast-growing technology. We’re here to give it to them.”

To learn more about how FoodLogiQ's cloud-based solutions help customers with traceability, food safety and supply chain transparency, request a demo.


Posted by Katy Jones on Oct 8, 2018 4:05:49 PM

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