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FoodLogiQ Co-Founder Andy Kennedy to Share Blockchain Insight at NC Biotech’s Ag Tech Professional Forum

Kennedy and other tech experts to discuss “Blockchain: The Digital Future of Ag Product Traceability”

On Wednesday, November 14, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center will host its quarterly Ag Tech Professional Forum, attracting leaders from our region interested in learning and sharing what’s happening in North Carolina’s ag tech industry. The series, which is held at the Center’s headquarters in Durham, NC, facilitates discussion about North Carolina’s diverse agricultural resources while also providing networking and eng
agement opportunities.

Blockchain Agenda

During November's Forum, presenters will discuss blockchain, a fast-growing technology that allows the transfer of assets or products from one point to another without an intermediary.  For agriculture, that means traceability, transparency, food security, more efficient supply chains, faster transfer of payment, and accountability - all within one virtual system.

What will be the effects and opportunities arising from the implementation of blockchain?  FoodLogiQ Co-founder Andy Kennedy and other featured speakers will explore this question and share thoughts around Walmart and IBM's tracking of leafy greens, global seafood supply, livestock, commodity grains, international trade, pre-harvest and cryptocurrency.

Andy Kennedy is a leading voice in the world of food traceability. In addition to being the product visionary behind FoodLogiQ’s traceability, food safety compliance and supply chain transparency software solution called ‘Connect,’ he is the interim director for the Global Food Traceability Center at the Institute of Food Technologists.  

Other presenters joining Kennedy onstage will be Kirk Nelson, Sr. Director of Sales Operations at AgBiome; Leonard Nelson, founder and CEO of Navia; and Mark Parzygnat, Program Director of Blockchain at IBM.

Visit Ag Tech Professional Forum to register and to get event details. 

To learn more about FoodLogiQ's blockchain research and Food Industry Consortium visit

Posted by Katy Jones on Nov 14, 2018 8:11:28 AM

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