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Beyond the Label: Survey Reveals What Consumers Want to Know

Citing a recent survey by The Food Industry Association (FMI) and Nielsen entitled "Transparency in an Evolving Omnichannel World," Supermarket News reveals what information grocery store consumers want to know.

A recent survey by FMI and Nielsen revealed that grocery store customers want to know more than ingredients and nutritional information about their food. Consumers cite an increased desire for transparency, sustainability, and manufacturing practices. Of the over one thousand adult grocery store shoppers surveyed, transparency was identified as what mattered the most to them.

Because of the pandemic, we shifted our shopping methods. When it came to food, the way we purchased it wasn't the only shift. It also increased our desire for more information and heightened awareness about food transparency.

By The Numbers

  • 79% have more trust in manufacturers or retailers that provide ingredient definitions
  • 79% are more loyal to brands that provide information beyond labels
  • 64% are willing to switch brands to one that provides more in-depth information
  • 78% want the information for their family's well being

Notable Excerpts

"Transparency trends continue to evolve as omnichannel gains importance," said Sherry Frey, vice president of total wellness with NielsenIQ. "As consumer demand great transparency, brands have an opportunity to educate consumers, communicate sustainability and health credentials and win consumer loyalty."

"The data from this report strongly reinforce the old adage that honesty is the best policy," said Steve Markenson, director of research and insights for FMI. "Consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it gets made and that has held true even as the pandemic has changed grocery shopping habits. Whether online or in store, shoppers prefer brands that tell the whole story about their products."

Click here to read the entire article by at Supermarket News.

Posted by Juli Kidd on Feb 9, 2022 11:34:42 AM

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