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Bareburger Delivers on Transparency Brand Promise by Digitizing the Supply Chain

Consumers are demanding more transparency from food companies. They are seeking out  brands that are sourcing foods from local, organic farms that have dropped GMOs and those that avoid preservatives and chemicals. They are gravitating to companies like Bareburger who are including this transparency information in their marketing through labeling and advertising. Through greater traceability and sharing this information, food companies can strengthen their brands and earn customer trust, loyalty and more purchasing power.

To meet customers’ demands for local and organic ingredients, Bareburger looked to FoodLogiQ to help streamline supplier management, create supply chain visibility and mitigate supplier risk.  

During the Future Food Tech panel, Food Safety, Traceability, & The Supply Chain Perspective, Eric Kinniburgh, Chief Operating Officer at Bareburger, described the supply chain challenges facing this quickly expanding restaurant chain.  Before selecting FoodLogiQ, the company had trouble consolidating disparate information sources and documents.  

After implementing Manage + Monitor, Bareburger was able to create the supply chain visibility critical to delivering on their brand promise to their customers. The configurable supplier dashboard provides the real time data needed to track supplier performance. Now that documents, audits, certificates and communications are saved in one place, it has created significant time savings that are directed to more strategic opportunities.

Watch this video to learn about Bareburger’s supply chain transformation and the results.


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Posted by Katy Jones on Oct 24, 2017 8:45:00 AM

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