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FoodLogiQ Idea Portal - Year in Review

At FoodLogiQ we believe that product roadmaps should be aligned with the needs of our users, and there’s no better way to get that input than directly hearing what features users would like implemented.

In March 2017 we launched the FoodLogiQ Idea Portal with the goal to give our customers a direct method to propose feature enhancements and stay connected to the development process. This included visibility as features are being developed, tested, and deployed.

Actively Monitor Your Suppliers with FoodLogiQ's Track + Trace Enhanced Reporting

Managing the movement of product through a supply chain is a big job.  It requires data, more data, and even more data!  FoodLogiQ provides users a variety of ways to submit event records.  Submitted data is then stitched together and users can see the path that specific lots of a product took through the supply chain.  When a food safety or quality issue occurs, FoodLogiQ Connect users can quickly investigate for common lots, trace forward to identify where those lots went, and launch a withdrawal of the affected product - a priceless capability when time is of the essence.  

FoodLogiQ's Manage + Monitor Incident Management Tips and Tricks

In addition to supplier management, one of the advantages of using FoodLogiQ’s Manage + Monitor is for food companies and restaurants to track quality issues across their supply chain. By capturing detailed and customized information about each incident, you can track and share documentation and pictures with your supply chain partners.

Easily Access Supply Chain Data with FoodLogiQ Connect Shared Views

As part of our enhanced reporting features within FoodLogiQ Connect we have made updates to how our customers can best view and share important information. Previously you could create an unlimited number of custom reports to visualize your supply chain data, and save those reports in FoodLogiQ Connect Views so you can easily refer to them in the future. However, each team member would have to create their own view. With the introduction of shared views, you can create that view of relevant reports and share it among your team, making sure everyone is looking at the same data set.  

FoodLogiQ Idea Portal: Capturing the Voice of Our Customers

Since the beginning of the FoodLogiQ story, customer collaboration has been at the center of our product roadmap. In fact, many of the features that are in the FoodLogiQ Connect platform today came from long-standing relationships with our flagship customers.  

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