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In Conversation with SupplyChainBrain: What Do Food Consumers Care About?

Video: FoodLogiQ’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Katy Jones discusses the modern consumer in the age of food traceability with SupplyChainBrain. View the full interview here.

At FoodLogiQ, much of what we know about consumer sentiment comes directly from the source. We recently conducted a food consumer study to get a deeper understanding of the US mindset when it comes to a variety of food issues. In the interview, Jones cites one of the survey's key findings. 

From Tomato Vine to Tomato Sauce: A Look into the Visibility Traceability Provides

Tomato, tomato: let’s trace the whole thing as salad or sauce! Download our Tomato Vine to Tomato Sauce Traceability Infographic to view two possible journeys produce can take with enhanced visibility through traceability.

Today, it’s not just possible for food safety leaders to know every step a food item has taken along the supply chain—it’s a critical business imperative.  However, for those who are just starting to tackle supply chain transparency, visualizing how traceability can be achieved from farm to fork can be challenging. At FoodLogiQ, we partner with leading brands like IPC/Subway to implement traceability throughout their supply chain. To showcase the intricacy and granularity in end-to-end traceability, we created a summary of two possible journeys one of the most popular produce items could take: that of the tomato.

Looking Towards a More Connected, Modern Industry at the IFMA Presidents Conference

FoodLogiQ welcomes guest blogger Joe Miesse, Enterprise Account Executive, as he shares key conference insights on consumer engagement, transparency and industry collaboration.

IFMA’s 58th Annual Presidents Conference was held in Scottsdale, Arizona, this week, where distributors, manufacturers, and senior leaders representing national and regional chains gathered to meet and discover insights into the ever-evolving world of manufacturing. Co-hosted by the National Restaurant Association and the International Foodservice Distributors Association, the conference featured cutting-edge content, learning opportunities, and an open forum for discussing critical industry issues.

A Food Brand's Guide to: The Transparency Today's Consumers Need

Grasp key findings from FoodLogiQ’s survey of over 2,000 consumers in our latest E-Book, “A Food Brand’s Guide to What Consumers Care about in the Age of Transparency."

The consumer mindset about food has changed significantly in recent years. While diet fads come and go, consumers’ interest in healthy ingredients and concern about the origin of their food has graduated from a passing trend to a full shift in public consciousness. We are now living in an age of transparency.

FoodLogiQ Labs Meets to Explore Advanced Tech, RFID in the Food Supply Chain

The series of interactive research and development sessions unites FoodLogiQ leaders with partners and customers to test evolving technologies. FoodLogiQ Labs works to leverage these technologies to solve problems and create new possibilities within the food supply chain.

FoodLogiQ customers, partners and affiliated industry-leading organizations recently gathered in Durham, NC for another session of FoodLogiQ Labs. FoodLogiQ launched the innovation lab with these key partners in 2018 to help current and future FoodLogiQ customers capitalize on emerging technologies that meet the growing needs of the food industry. In doing so, FoodLogiQ Labs aims to better equip customers with tools and strategies for enhanced, innovative supply chain management.

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