GMO Labeling Bill Debate Continues in Washington

The national debate over whether food containing genetically engineered crops - or GMOs - should be required to be labeled went to Washington this week, with a hearing in the Senate agriculture committee. This latest step follows a measure passed this summer that would block any mandatory GMO labeling by states, but instead establish a national-level voluntary standard.

Why Food Safety Matters to Consumers [INFOGRAPHIC]

It comes as no surprise that food is a hot button issue. Consumers want more information - on where their food comes from, how it's being produced and what the food brands they consume represent. According to a new survey by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Americans are most concerned with affordability, nutrition and food safety, while they still find information related to GMOs, antibiotics, sustainability and transparency important. We've taken the key findings from that report and outlined them here. 

3 Ways Food Companies Can Tap into the Billion-Dollar Millennial Market

“Millennials are driving a disruption in the food industry. I think we’ll see
the food industry turned on its head.”

Lifeway Foods CEO Julie Smolyansky kicked off this week's panel discussion on “The New Food Revolution” at the Most Powerful Women summit on Tuesday with this compelling fact.  Smolyansky was one of several food industry leaders among a panel of experts at the Fortune-sponsored summit. And the panel left a staggering number on the table of lost market share by the top 25 U.S. food and beverage companies in the last five years - $18 billion to be exact.

Yes, $18 BILLION in lost market share - market share lost because of an inability to tap into the transformative Millennial market. 

ALDI Remove Artificial Ingredients From Food

Grocery chains are now starting to follow food companies who are banning artificial ingredients from their products.  The Aldi supermarket chain announced that by the end 2015 all of its branded products, which make up the vast majority of its product offerings, will be free of synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils, and added MSG, reports Supermarket News.