3 Fixes to Supply Chain Problems of Fast-Growing Food Brands

When your food company or restaurant chain first begins to take off, the growth can be exciting and—as any fast-growing brand will admit—a little overwhelming.

For the food industry in particular, high growth expansion can make it difficult to maintain your standardization processes, which can cause supply chain confusion and lead to unfortunate mistakes.

And given how important it is to establish trust with your customers, the inability to standardize your processes can make living up to a consistent and reliable brand difficult. When your customers can’t rely on a standard of quality, service and trust, your brand’s reputation is likely to suffer.

Why Whole Chain Traceability is Becoming the Industry Standard

We live in a time of rapid technological evolution—a time when systems and devices change so quickly, staying ahead of the curve requires dedication and foresight. Allowing your organization to lapse, and allowing processes to become outdated, often means losing your place as an industry leader and missing opportunities to grow. But in the food industry, failing to keep up can also mean compromising your brand reputation and failing to comply to regulations. 

Improving Food Recalls through Traceability

Food recalls. It’s rare for a day to go by when one isn’t announced. Large or small, mandatory or voluntary, food recalls come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common - they are a major disruption to your company’s supply chain.

A recent study by a professor at the University of Notre Dame found that being able to trace a product through the supply chain is critical to quickly locating and removing bad products during a food recall. Yet many companies are struggling with implementing food traceability systems.

We sat down with the study’s lead author, Dr. Kaitlin Wowak, assistant professor of management at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, to talk more about the benefits of end-to-end traceability for effectively managing food recalls.

5 Restaurant Mistakes That Kill Customer Loyalty

As anyone in the restaurant business will tell you, customer loyalty is absolutely essential to success. After all, loyal customers aren’t just the ones spending money at your establishment—they’re also the people writing reviews online and telling their friends to visit. In other words, a trusting and loyal customer is worth their weight in gold. But how can you make sure your customers stay loyal?

Here are five big mistakes restaurants should avoid to maintain customer loyalty.

Advancing Food Chain Transparency through Partnerships

We're excited today to announce a partnership with 1WorldSync, the leading multi-enterprise product information network, to provide the food supply industry with a supply chain traceability solution that delivers transparency while tackling food safety and compliance issues.