The Future of Food Safety: Chipotle and FoodLogiQ present at Future-Food Tech

Hundreds of investors, start-ups, technology companies, and food and ingredients manufacturers convened in San Francisco last month for Future Food-Tech. FoodLogiQ was among the many brands presenting thought leadership and solutions to meet the global food challenge during the two-day event.

Why Modernization Is Utterly Essential To Incident Management

Quality incidents… the phrase probably makes you cringe, doesn’t it? No restaurant or business in the food and beverage industry is eager to think about compromised food quality and the negative effects that come with it; including sick customers, bad press, brand damage, fines, penalties, and recalls.

But the fact remains that such incidents do happen, even when you have what you think are the best preventive methods in place. The vital part is how you respond.

Are You Tracking All Your Non-Conforming Food Products?

The importance of food safety cannot be overstated in the current business climate. Every year there are roughly 48 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations, and 3,000 deaths that are attributable to foodborne diseases.

The majority of these originate from bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that are consumed and then wreak their havoc on the body. Although a lot of factors contribute to the spread of foodborne illnesses, they can largely be traced to restaurants, food manufacturers and suppliers.

FoodLogiQ Idea Portal: Capturing the Voice of Our Customers

Since the beginning of the FoodLogiQ story, customer collaboration has been at the center of our product roadmap. In fact, many of the features that are in the FoodLogiQ Connect platform today came from long-standing relationships with our flagship customers.  

Transforming Millions of Data Points Into Insights-Driven Decisions

Analyzing complex supply chain data is critical for keeping your supply chain safe and transparent.  With the latest FoodLogiQ release, we have enhanced our reporting tools so our customers can now create an unlimited number of custom reports to visualize the millions of data points being tracked in FoodLogiQ.  This will help users make informed decisions about food quality issues, supplier performance and expirations.