PMA: FoodLogiQ's Andy Kennedy Joins the Board

We're excited to announce that our co-founder Andy Kennedy has joined the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Board of Directors. 

The foodservice industry is under intense pressure for complete and accurate product information. PMA members face a customer base that wants transparency around the products they buy, and a modern supply chain demands technology that provides this rich information.

FoodLogiQ Co-Founder Andrew Kennedy spoke on supply chain transparency during the PMA's Fresh Summit Convention and Expo on October 15th in Orlando, FL. 

Food Manufacturing Trends: What Are The Top Concerns?

Would it surprise you to learn that food safety / regulations (FSMA, HARPC, etc.), quality control, and increasing consumer demand for transparency in their food are driving significant change in food manufacturing operations? In fact, these concerns make up three of the top ten food manufacturing concerns in Food Engineering Magazine's 2016 State of Food Manufacturing report.

If you're a food manufacturer, how do you address these concerns? Consumer demand continues to grow as economic conditions improve, and they will only get more strident around their transparency demands. This type of rapid growth to meet demand can also lead to lax standards around food safety and regulations, as well as quality control.

In this post, we'll review how software can address these concerns - all from a single platform. 

Supplier Management Software: Ease FSMA Concerns & Centralize Supplier Info

Suppliers are an absolutely critical part of your business. The effective management of your suppliers unlocks massive benefits for your company and your consumers. 

In today's reality of FSMA regulation, increased consumer awareness and large-scale recalls that continually make headlines, supplier management is no easy task.

What are some of the specific challenges your business will face? For our customers, here's what we see:

  • Managing and understanding FSMA requirements 
  • Creating and managing supplier audit and compliance records
  • Getting away from multiple platforms to a "single source of truth" for supplier information

Luckily, supplier management software can address all three of these challenges. In this post, we'll show you how.

5 Facts to Know About the FDA's Foreign Supplier Verification Program

We’ve discussed FSMA a few times on this blog (like here and here), but perhaps equally important for companies that rely on foreign imports is the Foreign Supplier Verification Program. For larger companies, the FDA is only giving importers 18 months following the final ruling to meet FSVP provisions—which means there’s no time like the present to figure out how these changes affect you and your company.

To help you prepare, we’re breaking the regulation changes down into five must-know facts about FSVP.

5 Brands That Are Winning at Food Transparency

Transparency is no longer a “nice to have” quality for food companies—it’s mandatory. Today’s consumers want to know as much as possible about what they’re eating: 65 percent say it’s important to understand how their food is produced, 51 percent want clear and accurate labeling, and 47 percent want clear information on ingredients and sourcing.

The most effective food organizations are using marketing materials to communicate key information consumers want to know and build deep customer loyalty. Here are five brands that are showing customers that food transparency is a major business priority.