FoodLogiQ Releases Food Industry’s Most Comprehensive End-to-End Quality Incidents Management Technology

Capture and track quality issues across the food chain, centralize communication with suppliers, process credit requests using FoodLogiQ Connect

FoodLogiQ, the leading SaaS provider of traceability, food safety, and supply chain transparency software solutions, announced today the availability of the most comprehensive end-to-end quality incidents management technology on the market. FoodLogiQ will unveil the new functionality live during a free webinar this Thursday, January 26 at 2:00pm EST.

Creating a Culture of Food Safety in Your Organization

Talking about food safety at an occasional meeting or conference is one thing. However, making food safety a part of your organization’s culture is another. In today’s marketplace, though, you can’t afford to not develop a culture of food safety. It’s too important and could mean the difference between a thriving company and one that’s overshadowed by the competition.

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, here's a look back at FoodLogiQ's top 5, most viewed blog posts from this year.  

Whether it was a look at how the definiton of food safety is evolving or a profile on the top brands who are winning at transparency, here they are in case you missed them...  

SUBWAY®/IPC's Journey to Supply Chain Transparency

SUBWAY® / IPC's vision was to achieve full supply chain visibility. Armed with that level of visibility, they'd be able to make real-time, fast, and accurate decisions while giving customers exactly what they craved - transparency around the food they buy.

IPC's Quality and Supply Chain Director, Rick Buttner, came to the realization that traceability by lot code - from the manufacturer to the SUBWAY® restaurant - was the key after numerous large recalls.

By using GS1 Standards and partnering with FoodLogiQ, SUBWAY® / IPC has set about achieving their vision of supply chain transparency. We'll cover the 4-step process SUBWAY® / IPC used in today's post.

PMA: FoodLogiQ's Andy Kennedy Joins the Board

We're excited to announce that our co-founder Andy Kennedy has joined the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Board of Directors. 

The foodservice industry is under intense pressure for complete and accurate product information. PMA members face a customer base that wants transparency around the products they buy, and a modern supply chain demands technology that provides this rich information.

FoodLogiQ Co-Founder Andrew Kennedy spoke on supply chain transparency during the PMA's Fresh Summit Convention and Expo on October 15th in Orlando, FL.