2016 Recall Recap: Why Food Recall Software is Necessary

In 2016, Food Safety Magazine tracked 764 total food recalls - a 22 percent surge in comparison to their same tracking in 2015. As the FDA begins to flex its muscles with the Food Safety Modernization Act and consumers are more watchful than ever before, managing food recall risk is critical for your brand.

What Organizations are Doing About Food Safety Concerns

Not long ago, we published an article that highlighted some food manufacturing concerns. Some of the trending challenges included quality control and total transparency in food traceability, which directly impacts the safety of food production in the United States.

These are among the most common trends, but they’re not the only ones. There are many specific safety concerns that challenge the way food is produced, manufactured, and prepared, and it’s important to know how to solve the issues at hand.

3 Food Safety Stats That Underscore the Need for Traceability

Food safety is one of the top concerns facing the food industry. Everyone in the industry has a responsibility, individually and holistically, to maintain public health. After all, their efforts are closely monitored by the FDA, USDA, CDC, Department of Homeland Security, EPA, and state and local regulators to make sure you comply with food safety and don’t compromise public health for their own gains.

When it Comes to Food Recalls, Prevention is Key

When it comes to traceability and food recalls, most of the attention is given to quick response times and the ability to effortlessly trace ingredients and product at the lot level to find out which items and SKUs need to be pulled from shelves. And while this is imperative – quick and accurate recalls are a must-have – there needs to be more attention on reducing food recalls in the first place.

FoodLogiQ Releases Food Industry’s Most Comprehensive End-to-End Quality Incidents Management Technology

Capture and track quality issues across the food chain, centralize communication with suppliers, process credit requests using FoodLogiQ Connect

FoodLogiQ, the leading SaaS provider of traceability, food safety, and supply chain transparency software solutions, announced today the availability of the most comprehensive end-to-end quality incidents management technology on the market. FoodLogiQ will unveil the new functionality live during a free webinar this Thursday, January 26 at 2:00pm EST.