FoodLogiQ Idea Portal: Capturing the Voice of Our Customers

Since the beginning of the FoodLogiQ story, customer collaboration has been at the center of our product roadmap. In fact, many of the features that are in the FoodLogiQ Connect platform today came from long-standing relationships with our flagship customers.  

Webinar: New Food Safety Reporting Features in FoodLogiQ Connect

Making informed decisions with your supply chain data is the key to modernization. Creating custom reports with your data - collected in a single, unified platform - unlocks big insights around your KPIs. 

When faced with choosing which reports to focus your time on, our Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives Jeff Ramsaur (from some of our past webinars) will present again. We hope you'll join us for this exclusive webinar to learn more about the 5 top custom reports for insights-driven food chain management.

Transforming Millions of Data Points Into Insights-Driven Decisions

Analyzing complex supply chain data is critical for keeping your supply chain safe and transparent.  With the latest FoodLogiQ release, we have enhanced our reporting tools so our customers can now create an unlimited number of custom reports to visualize the millions of data points being tracked in FoodLogiQ.  This will help users make informed decisions about food quality issues, supplier performance and expirations.

FSVP 101: Everything You Need to Know About the FDA’s Latest Guidelines

Our food supply has always come from a number of sources, both domestic and international. However, now that the FDA has instituted strict new regulations for the safety and handling of imported food, companies in the United States need to readjust their expectations and processes to adhere to these standards.

The United States imports more than $9.5 billion in food products on an annual basis, and though both foreign and domestic food manufacturers are required to register with the FDA to do business in the United States, regulations have been relatively reactive until recently. Now, the FDA is conducting 9,600 international inspections every year, and domestic businesses are required to follow stricter standards with food production, importing and distribution.

So how exactly are these standards going to affect U.S. businesses?

FoodLogiQ CFO and Board Member Named in Triangle Business Journal Women in Business Awards

FoodLogiQ is proud to announce that our chief financial officer and board member, Faith Kosobucki has been named in the Women in Business Awards by the Triangle Business Journal. Faith was chosen from over 100 applicants who have all exhibited proven success in their businesses and communities.